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Pony School

There are two parts to this course , Weekly classroom sessions in our pony school in a group setting and Private Riding Lessons . There are many things a true rider must learn that is not in the saddle . This course covers a huge assortment of topics and is also a great way to interact with kids their age that share similar interests in a safe setting. 

Riding Lessons can be booked separately as we only teach in saddle lessons one on one as we believe beginners benefit more from being able to accelerate at their own pace. Riding lessons are only available for those who are enrolled in our pony school. 

This class is an hour and a half long. 
Plus 4- 30 minute Private in tack lessons ( to be booked separately) 

Price is Monthly include both Classroom and Arena lessons.

Classroom time : 

Tuesday 5:30- 6:30


Healing With Horses

This program is a private on ground grounding session with the help of one of our equine friends.  These sessions will include everything you need as it is done from the ground (non riding session). During this session you will work one on one with one of our instructors. The goal of this session is what you make it. These sessions can , help reduce anxiety , increase self confidence , build trust and reflect. This program is heavily influenced by Dialectic  Behavioral Therapy , better known as DBT. DBT has proven to be one of the most effective therapies for social & interpersonal anxiety. 

Session is 50 minutes long 


Private Lessons

These private lessons are one-one . We will always move at the riders pace, and will work on the ground aswell. These lessons are intended for those not involved in our other programs and would prefer a one-one lesson approach.No experience required available for students 6+  Private Lessons for those enrolled in one of our other programs are available separately as they are included in the price of the course.


Pony Experience 

 This introduction to horses is a 45 minute session that covers basic safety and horse skills. There is no riding in these visits.


Family Farm Hour

Come join us for a family farm visit. Meet our animals , learn about each animal , what it takes to care for them and their individual needs. Get up close and personal with our hobby farm animals and interact with them without a fence in-between you . Great for animal loving families, or for families who are interested in having their own hobby farm. 

This session is for up to 5 people ( please let us know if you would like to book for a larger group) 

All funds from our farm visit go directly back into the farm and our private rescue efforts, helping us help animals and educate people in the process. 

Pony Love

Jr. Pony School

Now offering Jr. Pony School for the young horse lovers. 
After much request we have added a new age group course to our farm. Jr Pony School will go at a slower pace and have activities more suited for younger horse lovers . This program includes 4 classroom sessions per month , 2 on ground private lessons per month & 2 in saddle lessons per month  ( privates are booked around your schedule).
There are many things any horse lover must learn that is not in the saddle . This course covers a huge assortment of topics and is also a great way to interact with kids their age that share similar interests in a safe setting. 

What is included ? 
Each weekly class runs on Saturdays from 10:00 am - 11:00am 
Plus 4- 30 minute Private lessons ( to be booked separately) two in tack and two working with the instructor one on one to get comfortable and confident handling horses on the ground.

Price is Monthly include both Classroom and private lessons. 


Adult Intro & Refresher 

This course is designed for adults of all ages and experience levels to get back into the sport or get a confident start. Classroom sessions weekly for an hour and a half to discuss horses, their needs , barn management , along with our nerves and the journey to unlocking this sport for the first time or again as an adult  . This is a safe place to learn. Small class numbers , Riding lessons to be booked separately ( Included in the price)  

Horse Stall Portrait

Relax out of the Tack 

Need a break , find some peace or reconnect with nature. Come spend 30 minutes grooming and spending time with one of our trained HWH horses, This session is a private quiet hour, bring your favorite warm beverage and play a relaxing playlist on our speakers.  Looking for some company other then equine , spend time with our other farm animals including our mini or mini pig as well

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